Monday, March 16, 2009


House Bill 400 is up for a hearing before it goes to the Senate. This hearing will take place this Thursday.

BUT, before that hearing, please take a moment to contact the legislators and let them know in YOUR own words that you support HB400.
  • This bill properly expands the portfolio of traditional craft beers that brewers can produce and retailers can carry
  • It provides for greater use of Montana agricultural products
  • It meets consumer demands and expands market access within and outside of Montana
  • It helps small Montana businesses grow
  • It provides access to craft beers that are generally available in all surrounding states, and in most states nationwide
  • It does not create greater access to alcohol for youths in that traditional craft beers are generally highly priced (often $10 or more), and are marketed to adult beer connoisseurs, much like fine wines are marketed."
You can get a hold of your legislators in a couple of ways; 1. Call the switchboard at 406-444-4800 to leave them a message and 2. go to and fill out the online form.

After the bill passes this hurdle it's onto the Senate, then the Gov, then STRONGER BEER FOR ALL (with valid ID)!

your humble brewer!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

New Outlet For Six-Packs!

For those of you who know us at the brewery, know two things: 1. We've been talking for a long time about putting our bottled beers into stores. And 2. we tend to take slow baby steps. Well, your patience has payed off. We now have three of our beers available in six-packs in the Polson Super 1 grocery store! What this means is that you, our loyal customer, are no longer tied to the, sometimes bizarre, fluctuations of our tasting room schedule. You will be able to get your mitts on three of our more popular beers whenever Super 1 is open. They are currently carrying our Flathead Cherry Ale, Golden Grizzly Ale, and Glacier Select Oktoberfest. It's kinda' surreal seeing our products sitting on a shelf next to Sierra Nevada and Blue Moon. How far we've come. Another outlet in Polson for our six-packs is the Polson Liquor Store where you can build your own six-pack! Two great Polson business now carrying our six-packs.

Before I forget, join us at the brewery this St. Patrick's Day from 4:00pm 'til 8:00pm to enjoy a gourmet dinner! Isabel's Bistro (another fantastic Polson business) will be catering this event. For $13.00 a plate you'll get a heaping portion of Isabel's famous corned beef, Irish soda bread with honey butter (drool!), sauteed cabbage, and roasted veggies! Space is limited so get your tickets early at the brewery.

Until next time,
I remain, your humble brewer