Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A break in the clouds.....


Here it is.......

Most didn't believe it would come this time but here it is.

The sky returned.
The clouds broke.
The sun is BACK!

To truly understand this, ya' really gotta experience a tough Polson winter and THIS was a "Tough Polson Winter"!!!
The picture at the top of this post is the view from Polson of Flathead Lake in the LOCK of this winter! Just wanted to let ya' know that we're not making this stuff up!
The gray; unyielding gray, permeated almost everything this winter. We did not get a whole lot of snow. But we did get cold, REAL cold. "Write Home" kinda' cold. It was best to find a warm, peaceful, happy place (like our tasting room) to weather the weather.
But, nevermind......the clouds broke!

Well, during the gray days I tried not to fall into the winter rhythm of cleaning guns and building dead-fall traps (don't ask!). Instead I strove to keep the beer flowing and specifically tried to keep unique brews on tap on the One Barrel Batch tap.
Hope I didn't fail you.
Currently, we have a barrel-aged Scottish ale pouring. It lived in the barrel for about four months! Wonderful collaboration between the smoked-malt and the oak wood of the barrel mark this unique beer! This one is a celebration beer: celebrating the return of the sun! If you're a pagan, like myself, living in northwest Montana, this means quite a lot!

We have some other fun beers on deck for the One Barrel Batch Tap. Not gonna tell you what they are now, that'd ruin all my fun! But keep a eye on our Facebook page as that's where I announce what is going on tap next.

As some of you may have heard, our assistant brewer, Will, left for home at the beginning of this winter. He was to return when the weather warmed and the production picked back up. Well, he has been offered a brewing position at another brewery. Actually, at two different breweries! I've yet to hear which one he picked but this is a testament to the skill, dedication, and work ethic of young Will. We wish him truly good luck, safe brews, and happy yeast. I hope he finds his way back here someday as I enjoyed brewing with him.
In other brewery news, Chad has moved into the Tasting Room Manager position due to his attention to detail, friendliness, and general moxie! He will be taking on all the duties to keep your tasting room visit enjoyable and comfortable. If you have any suggestions for him, please let him know!I'll close this post by letting everyone know that the barleywine has been moved out of the fermentor (after almost two months!) and is now resting quietly in the bright beer tank. It will stay in there for probably at least another three months or so. We'll see.

Oh yeah, I'm toying with the idea of making a Maibock now for service in May. Let me know what you think of that.

Until next time,
I remain
Your Humble Brewer