Saturday, February 16, 2008

The Flu Sucks!

Sorry I haven't posted for awhile. As of late, I've been sidelined and bed-(couch)ridden with the flu. Sucks royal! What an amazing equalizer. It started earlier this week with a subtle round of body aches and this cough, cough, cough! By Wednesday night, the velvet hammer came down hard! It is now Saturday afternoon and I'm starting to crawl out of the hole! I went outside on our back deck earlier today and sat and just smelled the air. Wonderful. After over two days of flu-induced seclusion in the bedroom and living room, I didn't realize how stuffy they were.
Well, I feel like I lost two days in the brewhouse with a full schedule. So, I'm hoping this next week I can get back into the saddle and get some bottling done and brew some batches!

I'm looking for ideas for a new specialty brew. Keep in mind that we won't be brewing any highly hopped beers due to the hop crises. But, I would love to get imput from our customers (and also find out if anybody is reading this).

Speaking of the hop crises, one bright spot is firming up. Boston Brewing, a.k.a. Sam Adams, a.k.a. Jim Koch has offered up their excess hop inventories to the U.S. craft brewing community at their cost, NOT MARKET COST!!! Quite the show of commaradarie and community! Would be nice if some of the bigger players would do the same but there are those who claim this "crises" has been caused by the biggest players in the brewing world. War of attrition, cut the supply lines and watch your enemys whither and die!

Okay, back to bed.........

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Anonymous said...

I think an IPA would be great. I know, everyone's doing it - but it seems to work. You have to sell out every once in a while right? ahem...cherry ale...ahem.