Saturday, February 2, 2008


On the eve of Super Bowl XLII (that's 42 for those of us who went to public schools!), the question is asked: "WHO WANTS IT MORE?" Really? That's the best tagline the mega-marketers could come up with? "WHO WANTS IT MORE?"!?!
Well, I guess I shouldn't be too hard on them, maybe they spent all their mental budget coming up with a football carrying a football!!! As you can probably guess, I'm more that a little disappointed at the apparent lack of creativity here. The Super Bowl is one of the (if not "THE") marketing, hyped, spit-and-polished events of the year! Multi-millions spent for scant seconds of airtime. This year the average 30-second spot will cost $2.7 MILLION! There are 63 spots that are already SOLD! By my math (remember: public schools), this is $170.1 MILLION DOLLARS!!!! This does not include the pre-game and post-game ad revenues. Toss that onto the pile and you get $275 MILLION DOLLARS FOR ONE AFTERNOON OF PROGRAMMING!!!!
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WHAT THE F*%#!!!!???!!!?
That's almost one dollar to EVERY CITIZEN in the United States! WOW! I had no idea before I started to write this blog. As my Father-In-Law would say, "Umbleevble!"
I know, "This kind of money wouldn't be spent if it didn't work." Maybe that's what gets me the most: I wish this type of "megalomaniac marketing" didn't work on us, the citizenry. I'm sure there are some good points, but they escape me right now. Maybe what it's really about is I'm jealous, sour-grapes.
At any rate, the show will go on. Christine has made her way to Tucson, Arizona to enjoy the spectacle with her dad and two of her sisters. As you probably know, she is a New York Football Giants fan like few others. She drove from Polson to the Spokane airport in a driving blizzard, over the passes, tailgating snow plows and sand trucks, swerving around jack-knifed semis! All for her beloved Giants! I guess I admire that kind of passion.

The brewery tasting room will be open this Sunday for business. So please make your way down and get your fair share of our beer. You can still enjoy 48 ounces on premise, you can buy as much as you want to take out as long as the containers stay closed until you get off the property! So remember, if you've had your three and you're burping as you walk out the door, that's an open container!

Again, in the interest of domestic harmony,

Sing with me! "Plaxico, Plaxico, Eli ta Plaxico" Repeat!

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You are a good writer and brewer. Please keep the blogs coming!