Saturday, October 12, 2013

Government Shutdown....

As I write this, our illustrious federal government officials are playing "he-said, she-said" with our country. These elected individuals feel fit to use the national services you and I paid for, voted for, and will continue to pay for as a bargaining chip for their agendas.

Never mind your personal, political leanings.
Never mind how "you were brought up".
Most of all, never mind who is right and who is completely wrong in this fight.

You need to focus in on the one issue that has evaded your scope.
The one item that hits both home and community. The one thing that can drop a really mean hammer on your fun.

It is this: "How has this government shutdown affected my hometown brewery and brewer!?!"

I want you to take a deep breath.
Steady your pint of Glacier Select with your right hand.
Steady your right hand with your left hand as I answer this question.......

The answer is........It hasn't.
Your hometown brewery is still open!
You can still come in and enjoy the warm, friendly atmosphere as you have a pint or two!
I am still making your favorite beers!
In fact, I'm making some new favorite beers!

However, we are working on projects that will be changing the Glacier Brewing Company forever! (play ominous music!)
Things that have been a very long time in the making.
Things that are just good for this little mom-and-pop business!

No, really. We have been crunching away at projects that will be moving the Glacier Brewing Company into more markets, a deeper consumer penetration (?!?), and just a heck-of-a-lot more Glacier Brewing fans. Sorry, but it's going to get kinda' crowded. So scoot over, will 'ya?

Please keep in mind our commitment to the quality and creativity of our beers will not change and just won't!

In short: You do not have to remove your personalized mug from the tasting room!

So, what are these mysterious and ominous ("new favorite word!") projects?
"How will my beloved, hometown brewery be changing?" you may ask.
"What kind of crazy, superpower does the brewer possess not to be affected by the government shutdown?" you could shriek to the heavens!

Well, in two simple words.........Not telling!

It's not that I love being a jerk (I know, some of you out there DO have stories!), I just really want to see your faces when you see what we've been working on! I love surprises!

In the meantime, keep an eye on our Facebook page and Twitter feed. Oh heck, while you're at it, check our Pinterest board as well and please keep buying and enjoying our beers and sodas.
I truly hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy making them.

Color me happy but I truly have one of the greatest jobs in the world!

Until next time,
Your humble brewer.

p.s. Have you seen our new backsplash and drip tray in the tasting room?!? I'm so proud!!!

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